Raimonds Pauls and Andris Keišs

Raimonds Pauls is one of the most important personalities of Latvian culture: this unique artist full of energy, imagination and inspiration, is admired and loved not only in Latvia but also far beyond its borders. In his rich and long stage life, Raimonds Pauls has performed with legendary personalities and music stars, and composed works for their voices which we call, with pride, the classics of Latvian popular music. For several years, a creative friendship has also joined him with Andris Keišs, one of the most vivid and versatile Latvian actors. In Raimonds Pauls un Andris Keišs which will fill the Dzintari Concert Hall on June 21, the Maestro's original compositions will play out alongside jazz music pages, with the legendary artist's piano intertwining with the masterful performance of the Latvian Radio Big Band, the charming voice of Keišs, and the young singer Paula Saija's velvet timbre.


original works by Raimonds Pauls and jazz music


Raimonds Pauls, piano
Andris Keišs, vocals
Paula Saija, vocals
The Latvian Radio Big Band